· By Kurt Wilson


'Why should I do a juice cleanse?' 'Will a juice cleanse be good for me?' 'What will I get out of a juice cleanse?'. These are some questions that we get on a regular basis here at Rehab LDN. We thought we'd sit down, and explain just how you can benefit from doing a juice cleanse. 


We are a London based juice cleanse company, but we don't just cater to those of you living in London - we also ship across the whole of the UK, and USA. You can shop our juice cleanse packages here (LINK). 


So without further ado, here are the benefits of a juice cleanse... 


1. Health Boost 


Our team in London makes sure that only the freshest fruit and vegetables go into our juices. Fruit and veg is packed with vitamins, minerals and other anti-flammatory compounds. As our juices are pressed rather than blended, there are higher levels of vitamins in them so your body can intake much more vitamins than usual. 


2. Aids your body's detoxification process


Your body has a natural detoxification process, and a juice cleanse helps to speed this up. The nutrients found inside the juices work to support the organs involved in detoxing. 


3. Improves digestion 


Our distant ancestors were forced to fat for hundreds of thousands of years. This meant that their guts and bodies were able to rest and recharge as their digestive system would shut down in order for energy to be redirected to healing other parts of the body. A juice cleanse is an ideal way to replicate this process as it gives your digestive system a break. 


4. Boosts energy levels


As London and the rest of the UK is in lockdown, motivation and energy levels are dropping for many people. A juice cleanse is full of nutrients that will provide you with long lasting energy. 


5. Reduces inflammation 


All of our juice cleanses are freshly made, meaning they contain high levels of antioxidants which work to reduce inflammation. 


6. Improves hydration 


A juice cleanse really increase the intake of liquids into your body, allowing it to function more effectively. You should also drink plenty of water whilst cleansing for further hydration. 


7. Weight loss 


A juice cleanse removes processed foods, saturated fats and refined sugars from your diet which results in a natural weight loss process. Plus, they can instill habits of eating better and reduce cravings. 


So if you're London based, or live anywhere else in the UK or USA, be sure to experience the benefits of a juice cleanse for yourself with Rehab LDN.