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How To Complete A Successful Juice Cleanse In Lockdown

How To Complete A Successful Juice Cleanse In Lockdown 
We're all feeling like we're having a collective bad case of Déjà vu at the moment with the country back in lockdown. Why not use this extra time to reset and nourish your body with a juice cleanse? LINK
Our juices are packed full of fresh fruit and vegetables, and are perfect for helping you lower your calorie intake whilst working from home and moving a bit less than usual. Maybe you're still heading into the office, in which case our juices are ideal for drinking on the go, and are an easy way to pack your body with cold-pressed nutrients! If it's your first time doing a juice cleanse, we recommend starting slow with our three day package. LINK    
A few days prior to starting your cleanse, you should prepare your body by doing the following: 
- Stay hydrated. Dehydration is often mistaken for hunger, so be sure to drink plenty of water and avoid alcoholic beverages. 
- Minimise your caffeine consumption. If you can cut it out altogether - great! If that feels like too big of a leap, try low acidic cold brew coffee, or matcha green tea. 
- Eat a plant-based diet. Animal products cause our digestive system to work harder, so steer clear of meat and dairy to prepare it for your cleanse. 
- Avoid processed foods. 
- Consume a juice roughly every two hours. 
- Drink lots of water and/or herbal tea.
- Avoid vigorous exercise and stick to things like slow paced yoga, or low-intensity cardio like walking. 
- If you can't ignore your hunger, have a healthy snack or light meal like a green salad, a piece of fruit or some nuts. 
- Take it easy. Come back onto solid foods slowly, and eat mostly fruit and vegetables for the first few days. 
- Avoid red meat, dairy products, alcoholic drinks, processed and fried foods. 
- Maintain your healthy habits you have picked up during your cleanse. Continue to drink plenty of water, avoid unhealthy foods and pack your body full of fruit and vegetables. 
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us or send us a message on social media.
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